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TUESDAYS 6.30pm – 7.45pm - Restorative Yoga
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THURSDAYS 6.30pm – 7.45pm - Restorative Yoga 
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FRIDAYS 5.00pm – 6.00pm - Slow Flow & Yin 
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Please read all of the following information before joining a class, and contact me in advance of class if you have any health conditions, injuries or concerns.

The Restorative Yoga live stream classes are very gentle and suitable for complete beginners and those new to yoga. Using blankets, pillows and props to support and cushion your body, this class creates an opportunity for you to turn your attention inwards and slow down your breath and quieten body and mind.  After an initial gentle warm up, we move into the long held poses.  From then there is very little movement, allowing you to get connected with your inner stillness so you can soften and let go of any unnecessary tensions. 

"...the class was peaceful, the sound great and it was easy to follow.  I felt absolutely wonderful afterwards, relaxed, warm and happy."
Hannah, Ealing

Slow Flow & Yin live stream class is a more dynamic class which moves through a (slow) flowing series of standing postures, and then comes down to the ground for some deep, long-held stretches in the Yin style.  Yin yoga focuses on the fascia, the connective tissue of the body.  We hold supported poses for a longer time with the aim being to really feel into the stretch and allow the body to soften into that space.    My intention is for this to be a more dynamic and challenging class than the Restorative Yoga, but to still allow plenty of space and time to really feel and integrate the poses.   Depending upon your flexibility, this may not be suitable for absolute beginners.  

Thank you for a really good class yesterday ... I slept really well & I think the poses that opened & released the lower back & glutes were really helpful for me. 

Sarah, Derbyshire


Not wanting to add to anyone’s financial burden at the moment, I am currently offering these classes on a highly reduced donation basis of £5 per class or £45 for a month of unlimited classes.  This is intended as a rough guide only, and is in no way intended to be restrictive.  If you are suffering any financial hardship at the moment, drop me a line to say Hi and you don’t need to pay. However, as this is now my only source of income, if you are able and willing to pay something towards supporting me and my work please do so by bank transfer Contact me for details (this costs me nothing), or by Paypal on this link - (I pay charges for this service, so if you could include an additional 50p on top of your contribution that would be lovely).  

You are welcome to take a class and pay afterwards.


We will be using the Zoom meeting platform for these classes. It’s free and easy (but you may have to download the app) all you have to do is click on the relevant hyperlink above and follow the instructions to join the class. Make sure you join with Audio and Camera or you won’t hear me! Once the class starts I will mute you all, and if you wish to turn off your camera at the point it’s up to you.  But it is nice for me to see you and be able to offer modifications or adjustments if you need help.

Please set up your device with the camera pointing at you: a laptop or tablet/iPad is ideal but a smartphone will suffice if that’s all you have. Make sure you have a fully charged battery if you’re not connected to the mains. If possible have the majority of your body and mat in view, both when lying and sitting down (so adjust your camera so that the full length and width of your ‘mat’ is visible and you should be fine). 

As much as possible please test out your software and connection before joining.  Due to recent security and data changes to Zoom, you may be asked for a Password when entering a class: password is BREATHE. 

Please join 10-15 minutes before the class starts to ensure you can do this smoothly.  Once the class starts I may not be able to admit you as I will be teaching!


You will need a quiet and safe space to practise where you won’t be disturbed by other people or roaming pets (!).   It is best not to have eaten for at least 2 hours before class.

Give yourself enough room so that you can lie down and raise your arms fully above your head to reach ground behind, and also so that you can take your legs and arms out to the sides.  Make sure you can move freely without knocking over objects and hitting any sharp corners of furniture.


If you have a yoga mat and any other yoga equipment such as blocks, bricks, bolsters, belts EXCELLENT!  Keep all your props within easy reach of your mat.

If you don’t, you can try out the following substitutions, but feel free to be creative. This is not a dynamic class, so you will be seated or lying down for most of it. The more props you have handy, the more comfortable you can make yourself.   

A yoga mat marks out your space, stops the chill from a cold floor, gives you some padding and stops you sliding around.  Please bear all those in mind when you select your blanket if you don’t have a mat!   Make sure it is not a trip or slip hazard, and that you have plenty of space above your head and below your feet.  It is best to lie on the floor rather than a bed if possible.

Then grab a couple of blankets, cushions and pillows (a firm and a squishy, large and small).  Also have to hand one or two large hard-backed coffee table books and maybe a couple of smaller paperback novels.  You can use a dressing gown cord instead of a yoga belt, and small, rolled up (and dry!) hand towels are also good as additional supports under knees.


These classes are not to be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment.

Please let me know in advance by email of any injuries, illnesses, mental health concerns, pregnancy stages etc before the start of your class.

You should not take part if you are in the first trimester of pregnancy. If you are over 14 weeks pregnant, it is essential you inform me beforehand and follow the recommended practice only.  I can offer modifications for your comfort and safety but I am not specialised in Pregnancy Yoga.

By taking part in an online class, you agree to be 100% responsible for your own safety and any damages, injuries or risks, known or unknown, which you might incur as a result and also to indemnify the teacher against any claims arising from injury of damage of any kind.

Use your common sense, and don’t attempt to move beyond the limits of your own body. If you feel any pain, STOP!