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"A real benefit of being  individually guided by Sophie was that I gained much deeper relaxation, reduction of tension and a true calming of my nervous system than I would have achieved on my own. I wouldn't have even thought it possible before, but the beneficial effects of my 1-1 online session were as close to one of her wonderful massages as I could have hoped for via the internet.  I've already signed up for more!"
Sarah G Derbyshire

Blending together well-being coaching; gentle restorative yoga; meditation and/or yoga nidra (guided relaxation), together we will create your own individually tailored RELAXATION SESSION to help support and nourish your serenity, sanity and soul. 

You can also choose to experience a personal RESTORATIVE or YIN YOGA session. 

Give yourself the time and permission to feel refreshed, restored and rebalanced within the comfort of your own home.

SPECIAL 'LOCKDOWN' GUIDE PRICE (approx) 60 minutes @ £30 (suggested minimum donation*)

All sessions will also be done via ZOOM

Contact me to book 

* If you are suffering financial hardship at the moment, please get in touch.